Monday, August 09, 2010

alchemy and movement

this is an installation i just did as a backdrop for my friend ginger's dance show. they are unstretched canvas, indoor latex, on a 10 x 20 foot wall in chicago. the installation and the center piece are titled alchemy. see my blog cloudstickpeople for more info...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

thebiggreenpea update

i figured it was about time i update this blog to redirect viewers attention to my current work. below are the three blogs which deal with the mandalas. my last piece is the dna reflectors set, in the blog of that name. mandalaprinciple is all text, an artist statement blog for the set truth-beauty-justice.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


After college I eventually found myself at a 24 hour gas station working the late shift. One night,,,one morning I began a series of portraits of different people I found in magazines or newspapers or the backs of books. This was the very beginning of my use of color pencils and it began a long exploration of being an artist.

The series eventually became 59 portraits on 11"x18" paper. I had a show at a small gallery called the Omphale in Calumet Michigan where I got to hang the set together. In time I moved on to other works and soon decided to stick with one medium to see what I could learn. The color pencil became my favored tool. The following series grew into the 3 larger green ladies in my earlier posts and I eventually began an exploration of the mandala, still with my trusty pencils. The people series gets taken out now and then and each time I notice a stronger response from people who see them.

Ultimately I will try to publish them in a book form. That will be the dream final form for this series. It is a contemplation on what makes humans human, evolution and meanings. Incidentally, I originally chose green because I thought it would be funny. My continuing studies and reading revealed a common use of green as the color of the heart chakra.

these are the people